We believe cannabis is more than just a plant

it’s a catalyst for positive change at both the individual and community levels. We started Nightjar to create a welcoming environment where we can collectively celebrate the countless benefits that cannabis has to offer, free from stigma and judgment.

We recognize that everyone has different preferences, goals, and needs when it comes to cannabis. Cannabis can be medicine, a way to relax and unwind, a portal to tapping your inner creativity, a tool to make life a little more vibrant – and everything in between. We’re on a mission to help you enjoy yourself, whatever that may look like for you.



Rosanna Diaz Abrahamse

Knowledgeable home cultivator in CO, veteran, organized administrator, boy mom, ex-New Yorker in the mountains. Most likely to have an entire itinerary planned and set for a vacation.

Gary Derogatis

Fran’s dad, 50 years in retail, diehard Giants fan, lifelong supporter of Essex County, knows the best lunch spots. Most likely to never let you forget the old neighborhood.

Katie Covett

Passionate people connector, wildly caffeinated, attorney, keeper of all important paperwork, design addict. Most likely to send a “just following up!” email.

Francesca Derogatis

NJ Native, entry-level mom, MBA, brand and marketing expert turned cannabis ops professional, daily cannabis consumer. Most likely to give you an unsolicited opinion.

Amanda Rositano

East coast cannabis industry pioneer, compliance guru, mom X2, champion woods walker, extremely productive stoner. Most likely to change your mind.


We’re always hiring charismatic stoners for a variety of positions with competitive benefits and honest pay.

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  • smells nice
  • Pay with money